It’s your party!

cake_cupcakes2Wedding desserts have changed from the traditional cake appeal to something more personal – like cupcakes. Cupcakes are not only a great way to accommodate more flavors into your wedding dessert table, but can be fun and approachable for your guests.

At Babycakes, we offer two sizes of cupcakes for you to chose from. Regular size cupcakes which are equal to a large slice of cake or the mini which is more like a tasty bonbon. Packed with flavor without the sugar overload (and guilt) for those guests watching their waistlines.

Over the years, we have seen many desserts and designs for weddings and events. It all depends on what kind of ‘wow’ factor you want. If you can’t decide – why chose? Do both and get a little of the traditional while still accommodating your guests. Win-win!

When you start your planning, give us a call and come in to try our flavors.


Special thanks to Amy Millard of Creative Weddings by Amy. Her photography always makes our cakes look so yummy.


It’s your party!

Celebrate, San Diego!

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