What is the right cake size for your event?


2 Tier cake from Babycakes

Just started your checklist for the big day and you come across the cake line item. Don’t fret. Choosing the right sized cake is not something to spend any time worrying about. We like to advise that this is your day, so chose the cake you want. Big, small, 2 tiers, 10 tiers – it really is up to your dreams.

At Babycakes, we can accommodate most any request. Remember, you can always make your party goers happy with a choice of cupcakes while you get the cake look you want.

Here are some numbers to keep in mind of the sizes we provide at Babycakes.

Cakes: Serving Sizes
6 inch (6-8 servings)
8 inch (10-15 servings)
10 inch (15-25 servings)
12 inch (30-50 servings)
Quarter Sheet (up to 35 servings)
Half Sheet (up to 75 servings)

Our gourmet cupcakes come in two sizes: Regular and mini

A couple questions you should ask when choosing the size of cake:

  • How much other food will you be offering?
  • Are you intending that everyone have cake?
  • Is the cake more for show than eating?
  • Do you want some left over for absent guests?
  • What is your budget?

You can come in and try both sizes out yourself! Book a tasting with us or buy a dozen and try them out with friends over coffee.


Special thanks to Melissa McClure Photography for these amazing pics of one of our cakes. If you are looking for a fantastic photographer – Melissa is amazing. Be sure to check out her portfolio.

What is the right cake size for your event?

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What is the right cake size for your event?

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